House Painting Livermore – Reasons to Hire a Licensed Painter

It’s time that our house needs new paint. However, you can’t decide whether you should hire an unlicensed painter or a licensed professional house painting in Livermore contractor. 


While hiring an unlicensed house painter could save you some bucks, there’s little guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with their paint job. Besides, you may not know how long the work of an unlicensed painter will hold up considering the cheap paints and materials they use – because you’re trying to save some money, right? 


However, look at how a licensed painter will bring you myriad benefits, from saving money to peace of mind.


In most states, like California, contractors must have a license to work. When a painting contractor has a valid license, it shows that he has been educated in this field and is trained in the trade. The only way to ensure the contractor’s license is valid is to verify it. There have been many instances where contractors claim themselves as licensed, but later the homeowners find out that the license has expired or is not a valid licensed number.


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Taking time to go through the licensing process shows that the contractor is dedicated to their business. Having a license also shows their professionalism. Not only does a contractor have to prove his knowledge and competence to receive a license, but he also has to offer ethical practices. A valid licensing also shows transparency, making it easier for customers to locate the contractor’s business and gather information on their background and credentials.


If you hire an unlicensed painter, the chances are there won’t be any contract. Not having a contract can leave you in the lurch if the job isn’t completed to your satisfaction – or isn’t done at all! We’ve heard many horror stories about fly-by-night contractors taking all the money upfront and then doing a shoddy job – sometimes, even not doing the work. And the poor homeowners are left with no choice but to pick up the pieces.


Licensed contractors, on the other hand, have a written contract. They’re also bound to comply with quality standards. They will do the job according to the contract, and if they don’t, you’ll have many options. If a licensed contractor does a terrible job or doesn’t finish the work specified in the contract, you can contact the licensing board. You can even consider getting a small claims court. The bottom line is that you’ll be guaranteed protection – whether from a poorly made job or financial loss – that you cannot get when you hire an unlicensed contractor.

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An unlicensed contractor versus a licensed contractor – does it make any difference regarding quality work? It sure does. And that’s a big difference. The quality work done by an unlicensed contractor is typically much less than that done by a licensed contractor. Since it takes time and costs for the contractor to acquire a license, only professional contractors who are serious in their trade usually invest in getting one. However, some people who know little about the business can still purchase a license, so it’s important to talk to references and check ratings. If you have doubts about a contractor’s license, go to the Contractors State License Board website to verify it –


If finances are a concern but you know your home needs to be painted, hiring an unlicensed contractor will never be a wise financial move. Research for several local contractors, speak with them, talk to their references, ask for their valid licenses, and verify them. Finding the right contractor will make your house painting in Livermore easier and even cheaper than you think.