Concrete Ceiling Repair

Almost all commercial buildings in Livermore, CA, and elsewhere have at least two stories, while many of them have basements and underground spaces. It just makes sense that these multi-storied buildings should be made from stable materials like concrete. 

Concrete is a composite material created by mixing binding material (cement or lime) together with the aggregate (gravel, sand, stone, etc.), water and the usual admixtures in specific proportions. When cured and hardened, it forms into a durable, stone-like mass. 

Concrete is a preferred material for commercial buildings due to their strength and load-bearing properties. But like other building materials, concrete is also prone to staining, cracking, or overall deterioration, especially if left untreated. In addition, buildings are subject to movement over time, causing cracks on the walls and ceilings.

Professional concrete ceiling repair by commercial painters in Concord, CA, is necessary to restore your ceiling’s original look and appeal and make it structurally sound and stable. Concrete ceiling repair and strengthening are vital to commercial buildings mainly due to safety reasons, but other factors like aesthetic appeal and savings on time and money are also important. 

Whether your concrete ceiling has stains or cracks, Custom Painting, Inc. has what it takes to expertly address the problems to restore your commercial ceiling to its original appearance and structural integrity.

Common concrete ceiling issues

You should not ignore the following signs of concrete ceiling issues. They may be indicators of a more serious problem underneath (such as foundation failure). Once you see these signs, they should be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Stains – If you see stains or discoloration in your concrete ceiling, they are most likely caused by leaks. They may be an indication of roofing problems or issues with plumbing from the space above the ceiling. If left unaddressed, these leaks can lead to structural and electrical damage (if there are electricity lines running along or over the ceiling).
  • Cracks – Whether the damage consists of minor cracks or cracks running along the ceiling’s length, you should not overlook them. They may be caused by moisture, excessive weight from the space above, or foundational failures. If ignored over time, these cracks on your ceiling can become worse, undermining the strength of your concrete ceiling and putting the occupants at significant risk.
  • Spalling – Spalling is a common issue of concrete and masonry (like bricks and stones). This is where a portion of a concrete surface peels, chips, breaks away, or disintegrates. Also known as scaling, spalling can cause significant damage to your concrete ceiling, usually extending to the top layers of the reinforcing steel within a structure. 

Roof construction

Our concrete repair services

  • Assessment – Our crew examines the condition of your commercial building’s concrete ceiling by identifying areas of wear and tear, cracks, spalling, etc. It will enable them to determine the necessary repairs, preparation, and paint steps.
  • Repair techniques – Depending on the type of damage, our crew applies various repair techniques and approaches to your concrete ceiling:
    • Minor, shallow, and localized cracks – Sealing with a concrete sealer or concrete repair material mix.
    • Large, deep, widespread, and vertical or horizontal cracks – Replacement of the affected portion with a new concrete slab.
    • Water or moisture stains – Identifying the root cause of water stains (such as roof leaks or plumbing issues), then repairing, preparing, and painting of the ceiling surface.
    • Spalling – Cleaning the spalled area, removing loose concrete, cleaning and coating corroded steel bars, and then repairing the damaged area before painting it.
  • Materials and repair techniques – Our crew applies various products and techniques for a safe and successful ceiling repair. One of the products we use is a concrete crack sealant, typically for cracks that are ½-inch wide in horizontal concrete surface. For major cracks that can undermine the ceiling’s structural integrity, replacement with a new concrete slab is the most likely solution. Cracks that go all over through the current slab may be addressed by installing a new concrete ceiling. Slabs can either be prefabricated and transported to the site or poured on site.
  • Safety measures – Our crew keeps the work areas well-ventilated, and all safety precautions are followed to prevent accidents and injuries to themselves, the building’s occupants, and visitors. We also ensure that all work areas are contained to avoid as much disruption to business operations as possible.

Benefits of choosing our commercial concrete repair service

When you choose to work with Custom Painting, Inc. to have your concrete ceilings and walls repaired, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased structural integrity
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Protection against future damage
  • Savings on time and money
  • High-quality and long-lasting results
  • Extended life to your commercial building
  • Increased property value

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Maintaining a commercial building comes with some important decisions. One of these decisions is how often you should repair and strengthen your concrete ceiling. Fortunately, the best painters in Livermore can help you make these decisions. 

The professionals at Custom Painting, Inc. would be glad to help you understand the current condition of your commercial building and how to keep it well-maintained and structurally sound for as long as possible. If your commercial building is experiencing problems, contact us at 925-294-8062 or send us a message. Our team of experts is ready to find the right solutions to fix whatever situation your commercial building is in.