Exterior Painting

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Businesses understand that the exterior of their commercial property can make a powerful statement about their brand. A well-maintained exterior, with a new coat of paint, can attract customers and communicate the business’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Custom Painting, Inc. understands the significant impact that exterior painting has on making a memorable first impression. Dedicated to superior craftsmanship and backed by extensive experience, our commercial exterior painting services are tailored to elevate your property’s appearance, making it a standout feature in any setting. 

Advantages of Using Custom Painting, Inc. for Commercial Exterior Painting

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Our proficient painters specialize in elevating the look of your commercial space. We offer a diverse range of color options and finishes that align with your business’s branding and create an inviting atmosphere for all who visit.

Boosted Property Worth

An exterior that’s both visually appealing and well-maintained can significantly increase your property’s market value. A freshly painted facade is often seen by potential buyers or renters as an indicator of a well-kept and valuable property.

Superior Curb Appeal

The exterior of your business is the first thing people notice. A professionally painted facade not only draws in more clientele but also leaves a lasting, positive impression, enhancing the overall image of your business.

Increased Lifespan and Endurance

A professional exterior paint job not only beautifies but also adds years to your building’s exterior by providing a robust, weather-resistant layer. This reduces the frequency of needed maintenance and repairs.

Weather and Wear Resistance

Your commercial property’s exterior is constantly battling the elements. Our painting services add a protective coat that shields against various environmental factors like rain, UV rays, and wind, prolonging the durability of the building materials.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Some exterior paints offer reflective qualities that can deflect sunlight, contributing to a cooler interior and lessening the dependency on air conditioning. This energy-saving feature supports eco-friendly initiatives and can result in lower energy costs.

Adherence to Building Codes

Maintaining compliance with local building codes is essential for safety and durability. Our team is knowledgeable about these regulations, ensuring our painting services adhere to these standards, thereby maintaining the structural soundness of your commercial property.

Our Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Climber builder paints the facade of the building

With over four decades of expertise, Custom Painting, Inc. is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services designed for the transformation and protection of commercial properties. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every phase of our work.

Meticulous Surface Preparation

We lay the groundwork for a successful paint job with thorough surface preparation. This process includes detailed cleaning, scraping off any old paint, and sanding to create a smooth base, ensuring the paint adheres well and lasts longer.

Guided Paint Selection and Color Consultation

We assist in selecting the most suitable paint and colors, providing professional advice to align with your vision and the property’s aesthetic needs.

Use of High-Quality Paints and Coatings

We believe in the importance of using superior-quality paints and coatings. Our selection is diverse, focusing on products known for their longevity, resistance to weather elements, and visual appeal.

Expert Application Technique

Our team is comprised of experienced painters who are adept in various application methods. We apply paint with precision, whether it’s through brushing, spraying, or other techniques, to ensure a seamless and impeccable finish.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance and Inspections

We uphold a strict standard of quality, conducting regular inspections during the painting process. Our commitment to quality doesn’t end with the project’s completion; we ensure your total satisfaction with the final result.

Personalized Services for Every Property

Understanding that each commercial property is unique, we offer customized painting services. From selecting specific colors to catering to special structural needs, our approach is tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Thorough Cleanup and Final Walkthrough

Post-painting, we ensure a thorough cleanup, leaving your property in pristine condition. A final walkthrough is conducted to guarantee that our work meets the high standards we set for ourselves and satisfies your expectations.

Types of Paints

Acrylic/Water-Based Paints

Acrylic or water-based paints are known for their ease of cleaning, swift drying times, and minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. These versatile paints are excellent for a variety of surfaces, including wood, stucco, and masonry.

Oil-Based Paints

Perfect for areas that see a lot of use, such as doors and trims, oil-based paints are prized for their durability and glossy finish. They exhibit strong adhesion to a range of surfaces.

Latex-Based Paints

This type of paint is distinguished by their rapid drying properties and low toxic emissions, latex paints are resilient against fading and cracking. They are a popular choice for most exterior applications due to their versatility and user-friendliness.

Enamel Paints

Enamel paints stand out for their tough, glossy finish. Extremely durable and resistant to wear, these paints are an excellent choice for surfaces needing a robust, enduring finish.

Alkyd Paints

Alkyd paints are valued for their smooth, hard finish and weather resistance. They are particularly effective for painting metal and wood surfaces.

Elastomeric Paints

Characterized by their elasticity and flexibility, elastomeric paints excel in bridging small gaps and preventing water infiltration. They are especially beneficial for surfaces that undergo movement, like concrete or stucco.

Textured Paints

Ideal for adding a distinctive feel to surfaces, textured paints are great for masking imperfections. They are often used on concrete or uneven stucco surfaces, giving them a unique, visually appealing finish.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Custom Painting, Inc. for your commercial property’s painting needs is a decision that comes with numerous advantages. Here’s what sets our services apart:

Proficient and Experienced Team

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals who bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to each project. Committed to excellence, our painters focus on enhancing the durability and visual appeal of your commercial exterior.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices

We use environmentally friendly paints in all our projects, underscoring our dedication to sustainability. This approach ensures your property receives a vibrant, lasting finish while reducing environmental impact.

Prompt Project Completion

We recognize the value of your time, especially in commercial endeavors. Our team works diligently to complete projects on schedule, ensuring swift and efficient service that minimizes disruption to your business operations.

Affordable Pricing

At Custom Painting, Inc., we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Our goal is to provide exceptional painting services at prices that offer real value for your investment.

Wide Range of Services

Our expertise extends beyond exterior painting. We provide a variety of services, including acoustic ceiling removal, wood rot repair, and more, catering to all your property maintenance needs.

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