Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Livermore – Choose Painters That Can Do Either

Are you looking for residential and commercial painting in Livermore, CA services? Would you choose to hire different contractors to do house painting and business painting separately, or would you prefer to hire one contractor who can do both?

Unless customers know the difference between residential and commercial painting services in Livermore, CA, it can often be challenging to determine which painters are right for them. Both residential and commercial painters are professionals and will most certainly get the job right. But whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner can be a deciding factor in which services to hire.

If you want to know how to tell the difference between residential and commercial painting, learn more to gain a more in-depth understanding of these two types of professional painting.

Commercial Painting

Residential painting

Residential painting is a fancy term for house painting or home painting, which refers to painting the interior or exterior of a residence, such as single-family homes. It is not as complex as a commercial painting. Since residential painting jobs are typically small, contractors employ a small team of workers to paint houses. The paints and materials they use are not so much different from those you can purchase on your own.

After hiring a professional house painter, you can rest easy knowing that a team of experienced and skilled painters will work hard to update and enhance the appearance of your home but also to improve its structure.

Nowadays, most professional painting service companies offer other home improvement work on the side, such as light repairs, clean-up, and even custom jobs like crown molding installation and popcorn ceiling removal.

Commercial painting

Commercial painting primarily deals with painting the exterior and interior of businesses, facilities, and other commercial and non-commercial buildings. They include restaurants, office buildings, stores, hospitals, schools, and places of worship (churches, mosques, synagogues). While apartments and condominiums are residential, commercial painters also work on these multi-level residences.

As you can see, commercial painting typically tackles large-scale and complex jobs. Commercial painters have extensive experience dealing with different surface types like wood, concrete, metal, reinforced plastic, stone, etc. Commercial painters are most likely to have a background in industrial painting jobs, which means they may have painted for high-level projects or government contracts. That’s why the ability to manage work in projects of varying size and scope (and at different places) is an essential requirement to qualify as a commercial painter.

Commercial painting contractors typically offer a more comprehensive range of other services that cater to different clients with unique requirements. These services include power washing, epoxy coatings, sandblasting, and other business-related services. Therefore, they use paints and other coatings, tools, and equipment that may differ from the paints and tools used by residential painters.

Commercial Painting

Custom Painting, Inc. can do both residential and commercial painting

Many painting contractors offer only residential or commercial painting, while others provide both.

Do you want someone to do a simple paint job for your home’s interiors? Or are you looking for a contractor to work on a large-scale business painting project? Hiring a contractor who does both residential and commercial painting would be best.

Custom Painting, Inc. has over 40 years of experience providing residential and commercial painting services to homeowners and businesses in the Bay Area and East Bay. We have the right tools and highly skilled workforce to transform any space, regardless of size. Contact us today to begin your commercial painting for Livermore, CA projects. We’ll be happy to be of service!