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At Custom Painting, Inc., we understand the importance of a beautifully designed and functional kitchen space. That’s why we offer expert Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting services in Livermore, CA, to breathe new life into your cabinets, bringing both elegance and functionality to your home.

With 40 plus years of experience in the industry, we’ve become a popular choice for homeowners looking to revitalize their kitchens without the hassle and expense of a full cabinet replacement. Our dedicated team of professionals combines craftsmanship with the latest techniques. We also use high-quality materials to deliver outstanding results, making your cabinets the centerpiece of your kitchen once again.

Discover the transformative power of cabinet refinishing and repainting and learn why choosing Custom Painting, Inc. is the first step towards achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting

You can achieve remarkable results by choosing cabinet refinishing and repainting, especially when contrasted with completely replacing cabinets in a kitchen. Below are some of the benefits.

Cost-Effectives – One of the most meaningful advantages of refinishing and repainting cabinets is the cost savings. Replacing kitchen cabinets can be expensive, often involving not just the cost of new cabinets but also installation fees and potential room modifications to accommodate the new setup. In contrast, refinishing and repainting existing cabinets is a far more budget-friendly options. It allows homeowners to refresh their kitchens without the hefty price tag of renovations.

Time Efficiency – Refinishing and repainting cabinets is also much faster than replacing them. A full replacement project can stretch out for weeks, which will disrupt your daily life. Refinishing them, however, can be done in a fraction of the time, minimizing inconvenience, and transforming the kitchen space more quickly. Of course, the process will still take time to remove the cabinet doors, prepare, and then paint them, but it will be considerably quicker than replacing them.

Aesthetic Flexibility – From a design perspective, repainting offers a broad spectrum of aesthetic possibilities. With such a wide variety of colors and finishes available, homeowners can achieve almost any look they desire, from classic to contemporary. This flexibility allows you to have a personalized touch that can breathe new life into a kitchen.

Increased Home Value – A kitchen upgrade can significantly boost a home’s value, and refinishing cabinets is a cost-effective way to make this impact. A fresh, modern-looking kitchen is a strong selling point and can increase the overall appeal of a home on the real estate market.

Eco-Friendly Option – Lastly, from an environmental standpoint, refinishing cabinets is a more sustainable choice. It reduces waste by repurposing existing materials and minimizes the environmental footprint compared to manufacturing and installing new cabinetry.

Cabinet Refinishing Process

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

Perhaps you’ve thought about trying to repaint your kitchen cabinets but weren’t sure of the process. Repainting kitchen cabinets is a detailed process that, when done correctly, can transform the look of a kitchen. Here’s an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Preparation and Planning: Before we start painting, it’s important for us to understand the client’s vision for their kitchen. This includes choosing the right type of paint and color. We also discuss the finish – glossy, semi-gloss, satin, or matte – depending on the usage and desired aesthetic.
  2. Removing Hardware and Doors: The first physical step the team does is to remove all hardware, cabinet doors, and drawer. This makes it easier to paint and ensures a neater job without paint on hinges or handles.
  3. Cleaning and Sanding: Kitchen cabinets often accumulate grease and dirt, so thorough cleaning is crucial. After cleaning, we sand the surfaces to create a smooth base for painting. Sanding helps remove the glossy finish of the old paint and ensures better adherence of the new paint.
  4. Repairing Damages: Any cracks, holes, or damage in the wood are repaired. This might involve filling in with wood filler and sanding down again once it’s dry.
  5. Applying Primer: A primer is essential, especially for cabinets that have never been painted or are stained. Primer provides a smooth, even base for the paint and can help block stains and wood grain from showing through.
  6. Painting: The actual painting typically involves applying multiple coats. We use brushes and rollers for a smooth finish, and in some cases, a sprayer for a more uniform coat. Between coats, it’s important to allow adequate drying time and to sand lightly for the best finish.
  7. Reassembly: Once the paint is completely dry, the cabinets are reassembled. This includes reattaching the doors and drawers and fitting all the hardware back in place.
  8. Final Touches and Clean Up: The final step involves checking for any touch-ups that may be needed, ensuring all elements are properly aligned, and cleaning up the workspace. We make sure to leave the kitchen in a tidy state, removing all painting supplies and debris. This step also includes a final walkthrough through the kitchen with the client to ensure they are pleased with the finished project.

Throughout the process, attention to detail and precision are key. Ensuring a clean, smooth finish without drips or streaks is paramount. Our team prioritizes protecting the surrounding area – covering countertops, floors, and adjacent appliances to prevent any paint splatters. The goal is to deliver a transformed kitchen space that not only looks refreshed and modern but also reflects the quality and durability of professional work.

You can expect Custom Painting, Inc’s team of painters to be committed to quality and attention to detail when we start the project through to the end. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we will do what we can to achieve this with every project we complete.

Why Choose Us

Many painting companies offer cabinet refinishing services, but not all painters are the same. With over 40 years of experience in the painting industry, we have the expertise to complete your cabinet refinishing and repainting to your satisfaction. We use high-quality materials and an attention to detail. We offer competitive pricing for all of our services and will do our best to complete the project on time and on budget.


If you would like to refresh the look of your kitchen, you don’t have to replace your cabinets. Refinishing and repainting the cabinets will provide the fresh look without disrupting your home for weeks. Call Custom Painting, Inc. by calling 925-294-8062 to speak with someone in our office. If you want to set up an appointment, you may also complete the form on our website and we’ll get back with you.