House Painters Near Me Use Quality Paints

Many DIY house painters usually favor price over quality, cutting corners in their paint jobs by purchasing cheap paints, primers, and other coatings. Professional house painters near me, on the other hand, emphasize the importance of using quality paints and materials to complete their paint projects.

Too often, many DIY home painters focus more on how much they will save than how long the paint will last. When given a chance to choose between regular paint at $10 per gallon and premium paint at $30 per gallon, they will likely choose the former. But are they saving money when choosing paint based on cost?

Think about this: if you don’t wish to repaint your home sooner, it makes sense to pay for a higher-quality paint for its durability and long service life than purchase an inferior paint that tends to fade quickly and even cause surface problems.

long-lasting paint

Professional house painters know that quality is key to every long-lasting paint job. And this is why they always use premium paints. Here are the reasons why quality matters when choosing paints:

  • Better ingredients – Higher-quality paints mean higher-quality ingredients. They contain a higher volume of pigments, binders, and additives that make the paint easy to apply in only a few coats and contribute to their long service life; you don’t have to paint again for many years.
  • Excellent coverage – Premium paints provide better coverage than cheap but low-quality paints. Typically, high-quality paint will cover roughly 16 square meters per liter compared to its cheaper counterpart, which will cover only about 10 square meters per liter. The better coverage, the less paint you’ll have to use, and the less effort it takes to paint.
  • Ease of cleaning – Higher-quality paints offer higher resistance to scuffs, marks, and dirt and thus are easier to clean. A swipe from a clean rag will make the walls clean again, whereas, with cheap paints, you even have to scrub the surface, resulting in ugly marks.

Higher-quality paints

  • Longer service life – Everyone wants a paint job to last in their homes. There’s no denying that painting a home is a tiring, laborious, and often tedious job, so they don’t wish to do it again much sooner (unless they suddenly fancy a color change). This is why some paints have high-quality ingredients: they are made to last. They are resistant to chipping, flaking, or peeling. Plus, they retain the color better and offer a higher resistance against UV light and humidity exposure than cheap paints. This is why premium paints are less prone to fading.
  • Some bonus – Who doesn’t love extras? Premium paints contain more good things like anti-mold and mildew properties, anti-bacterial additives, and others that you won’t find in cheaper paints.

As the saying goes, “quality, not quantity.” And with paint, there’s no exception to this rule. If you ask professional house painters near me for their paint advice, they will always tell you to choose quality paints over cheap ones. Quality paints will last longer and save you more money in the long run than their low-cost counterparts.