Great Colors to Use When Interior Painting Near Me

Choosing colors for interior painting near me should be the easiest part of any home improvement project. However, it is the complete opposite.


Choosing interior paint colors can be the most overwhelming part. With a dizzying array of colors and shades to choose from – hundreds and thousands of them – you don’t know where to begin. 


There are many helpful interior color selection tips that you can learn. How about your favorite color? Or the color of your fabrics or furniture? How about your space? Is it big and high or small and low? Does the room have sufficient light, or does it lack lighting? Will you go safe by choosing neutrals or dare to be different by using a bolder palette? Ultimately, the choice will be yours.


Different colors affect our moods in various ways. For example, you’ve decided on teal to be the main focus of your living room. But before you buy gallons of teal paint, consider its effect on your living room’s overall appearance and mood.


Great Colors

Here are some of the timeless color suggestions for your interiors:

White – White transcends time and design trends. It can make a space look bright, clean, and up-to-date, but too much of it can emanate a cold and “dead” feel. Fortunately, the timeless elegance of white provides a blank canvas for decorating, allowing brightly colored elements and different textures – from a brightly painted accent wall to a purple silk table runner – to inject life and vivacity into the space.


Beige – Most designers and homeowners choose warmer tones as a cozy backdrop for interior walls. Like white, beige can complement many other colors, shades, and decorative elements. It’s also a popular color choice when you need to repaint your home if you sell it. To sum it up, beige is the color most people can live with in the long term, owing to its flexibility.


Gray – Once regarded as sad and dreary, people now see gray as the color of sophistication. With more depth and warmth than white, gray is versatile because it complements other colors (even pink) and any style of artwork, furniture, and decor. Gray can quickly provide a classy and modern backdrop to any space. To find the best shade of gray, you need to look into which direction your room faces, what time of day you’ll spend there, and the prevailing weather and climate. Else, you might end up with shades that turn out to be gloomy. Gray also comes in other color combinations, like blue-gray and green-gray.


Greige – What is Greige? It is a perfect mix of two popular neutrals, gray and beige. Like many colors, greige comes in a wide array of shade options – from light to muted to dark. It’s a new popular color choice for interior design – it’s flexible, complements easily with other colors and shades, is versatile, and can be used in any space.


Blue – Another tried-and-true favorite, blue is an ideal choice for those who want to venture out of neutrals. It’s probably the only non-neutral and primary color that finds favor with homeowners of both genders. Traditionally regarded as a masculine color, blue also appeals to females due to its calming and soothing effect. Blue can appear “soft” in the eyes, depending on the shade. Blue works for nearly every type of space – even for kitchens, as long as you choose the right shades. It can also pair well with almost every wood tone.


Green – When thinking of green, it’s obvious to remember the natural surroundings, freshness, harmony, and restoration. The green color benefits the senses and even how you do things. It calms the mood, but at the same time, it helps in increasing efficiency. This is why green is the perfect color for both spaces for relaxation (such as the bedroom and living room) and areas where you need to function (like the kitchen and home office space).


The above colors are timeless color suggestions when interior painting near me. But if you’re still feeling lost, you may need help from a professional who will guide you in choosing the perfect colors and shades, color combinations, or color schemes to adorn your living spaces. Call us at Custom Painting, Inc. if you need another color consultation.