Finding Painting Contractors Near Me in Livermore for Interior Commercial Painting

You’re running a business, so you need painting contractors near me in Livermore who will be worth your investment. If you’re planning for your next interior commercial painting project, here are the following tips to ensure you hire the best one to paint your commercial building’s interiors:

Create a list of commercial painters.

Hiring a commercial painter isn’t just randomly picking someone out of the phonebook. It would help if you did some research. Many businesses use search engines, preferably Google, to find local, licensed commercial painters. You can also ask your relatives, friends, colleagues, business associates, and maybe your staff for any recommendations. With recommendations and referrals, you will find a reputable and reliable contractor for your interior commercial paint job.

You should also check out the social media accounts of those commercial painters and review sites to look for genuine customer reviews, ratings, and recommendations. Once you have the list, you can vet them for the job.

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Look for commercial painters with substantial experience.

Experience is usually the number one desirable factor when looking for a service. Experienced companies know what they’re doing. Many commercial painting contractors can troubleshoot if a problem crops up at the work site.

Commercial painting is usually a high-stakes project, so you should put experience at the top of your list when looking for a contractor. Some newer names in the industry can do a great job (and most do). However, you can always trust the experience of an established company.

Look for their licenses, insurance, and other certifications.

Make sure that these contractors have valid licenses, active insurance, and other credentials for the project. You want to deal with no less than a painting company with a legal business in your area.

Most commercial painting contractors will carry a particular type of insurance, like general liability insurance or workers’ compensation insurance. As you’re looking for someone to paint your business, you may prefer hiring a contractor with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. In case of an accident or loss of property during the project, you and your company are protected.

Get a quote.

With a list of names of the paint contractors, it’s time to ask for an estimate of the painting job. Mostly, quotes or estimates are given for free or a minimal fee. Commercial painting companies will usually send an estimator over to your property. The estimator will assess your property and discuss the upcoming paint project with you. After your meeting, you should receive a quote or estimate.

You should have quotes from at least three different painting contractors for comparison. With a budget in mind, you can start crossing some names off the list. If you think this particular quote or estimate is accurate and lists every detail of the project, that contractor is worth another consideration.

However, don’t exclude anyone who offers a higher price. Remember that you should pay a little more for the quality. Some commercial painting companies will offer lower rates only because they want to get your job, but they aren’t likely to deliver the best results or any results at all. Always remember that you should focus on the quality of service instead of the price, especially for commercial painting projects.

Ask for a warranty

Once you’ve decided on a contractor, ask them to provide you with a warranty or guarantee. In most cases, a painting contractor should provide a written warranty. If you find workmanship issues, the painting contractor will fix them for you.

Commercial paint warranties are usually for a certain number of years. In that period, the painters will fix the problem in case of a workmanship defect. However, there are other things that a warranty doesn’t cover, such as damage caused by high foot traffic or abuse.

Specific products requested by the client (the commercial property owner) may result in exclusions from the warranty. For example, if the contract demands the use of a specific paint brand a painter is not familiar with (or knows to be of inferior quality), it’s unreasonable to expect a warranty for it.

Hire Custom Painting, Inc. for your interior commercial painting needs

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In running a business, interior painting is essential to keeping your commercial property looking new, fresh, up-to-date, and in good condition. It also provides the first line of defense against wear and tear.

At Custom Painting, Inc., our team of expert commercial painters knows how important a clean, fresh, and professional appearance is to create that great first impression and boost workplace morale. Here are some of the following interior paint and repair services:

  • Wall repairs and paint – They consist of prep surface work, surface repairs, priming, and painting
  • Full interior finishing – Our color experts can help you determine the best color scheme for your commercial interiors to align your goals and vision, whether to boost workplace morale, help increase production and creativity, or signify a branding change.
  • Other services – Does your office, retail space, restaurant, or facility need more than just a fresh coat of paint? Maybe you are looking to update your commercial space completely. In addition to interior and exterior paint, Custom Painting, Inc. offers other services such as acoustic ceiling removal, wood rot repair, painting breakroom kitchen cabinets, stucco repair, and more.

Are you looking for painting contractors near me in Livermore for your interior commercial paint project? Call Custom Painting, Inc. at 510-795-0903 or fill out our request form for a free estimate. How soon you call us can affect how soon your job is done!