Finding a Stucco Painting Company Near Me

Stucco is a good addition whether you’re building or re-siding a home. More households choose or switch to stucco because of its many benefits. But when it comes to maintaining the stucco’s appearance, it can be challenging, especially when painting it. While many homeowners can confidently tackle stucco painting (provided that the surface is in good condition), more would prefer to hand the job to a professional stucco painting company near me.

Stucco is more than just a decorative element for walls and ceilings. Here are stucco’s other benefits:

  • It insulates your home better than brick or vinyl.
  • It is moisture-resistant.
  • It is fire-resistant.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is durable.
  • It is low-maintenance.
  • It is attractive and can be created in various finishes.
  • It can add value to your home (especially when you plan to sell it).

Are you planning to have your home’s stucco painted? If you’re not hiring a professional painter and are going to tackle the project yourself, read this article for expert advice and tips.

  1. Prepare the surrounding area. Move furniture or cover it with drop cloths if you can’t move it. Place drop cloths on the floor and tape areas that you will not paint, such as door and window trim.
  2. Clean the stucco surface of dirt and dust. Most exterior stucco only needs a thorough cleaning with a stiff brush or push broom. You can clean interior stucco more quickly and easily by using a vacuum with a dusting attachment. If the walls have grease, mildew, or grime build-up, clean them with an appropriate cleaning agent (make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions). For a deeply grooved stucco exterior, you can power-wash it to get rid of the dirt from the deep crevices. After washing, rinse the walls thoroughly and let them dry for a least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.
  3. If there are cracks, fix them with masonry caulk. Cracks that are bigger than 1/16-inch-wide require a patch. Scrape away loose stucco with a putty knife and apply a stucco patching compound. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding curing time on the patching compound. At most, you have to wait for ten days before you can paint over the patch.
  4. Apply a high-quality acrylic primer using an angled synthetic brush for cutting and a large roller for wide surfaces. You may need to apply another coat for complete coverage. Let the primer dry.
  5. Due to stucco’s textured surface, it has a greater surface area than a flat wall. Thus, you have to determine how much paint you will use. For example, suppose a gallon of paint will give 400 square feet of coverage, assume you’ll cover 200 feet of stucco. Paint the surface using the same tools as mentioned in the earlier step. Roll on two coats of paint (if necessary) and follow the manufacturer’s suggestion regarding drying between coats.

Hire a pro to do the job for you

Stucco Painting Company

If you don’t want to tackle stucco painting, get a pro to do it for you. Hiring a painter is pretty challenging, as many local painting service companies are out there.

However, following these simple steps will assure you of the right painter with knowledge and experience in stucco painting.

Here are the familiar online places to find the best painters in your area.

  1. Company websites – Browse any of these painters’ company websites and research their company history, testimonials, and services. If they seem credible, you would be more interested in getting to know this painter by gathering their contact information.
  2. Business review websites – People look to websites like Google My Business, Yelp, Houzz, and Better Business Bureau for credible, unbiased, and reliable reviews from verified users. Customer reviews are excellent ways to determine which contractors you’re considering will be best for your project. These reviews provide insight into the painting companies by showing you the personal experiences that the customers have had with them. These reviews are an invaluable resource to both the painters and their customers. And these customers can guarantee that the contractors will be able to meet their expectations. Painting companies can boost their reputation and grow their client base through better exposure with each positive review.
  3. Social media – Social media platforms can also be good sources for finding local painters. For example, you can search them on Facebook, and your search will result in several posts, media, pages, and groups, which you can filter to get more specific results.

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Make sure that the painting contractor you’re interested in hiring should:

  • Have a valid license.
  • Be bonded
  • Have active insurance (preferably, painters should have general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance)
  • Preferably, memberships of any trade or local business groups indicate the painter’s commitment to their work.
  • Offer a fair and accurate estimate of the project.
  • Offer a comprehensive contract and warranty in writing.

Not all painters may do stucco painting, so ask them if they offer such a service.

Get more advice on house painting projects.

Whether you’re searching for exterior house painting tips or tips for hiring a stucco painting company near me, visit Custom Painting, Inc. and its sister sites to know more about interior and exterior house painting. Count on us to help make every project a success.